Like many thousands of mature Australians, you are not alone. Transitioning from your family home can feel incredibly overwhelming and stir up mixed emotions from the past.

Belinda Woolrych | Downsizing Expert - Downsizing Adviser · Keynote Speaker · Author, has written a comprehensive and insightful guide on how to best go about finding a more appropriate sized home. At long last, we have the ultimate guide to planning a stress-free Downsize so you can feel more positive about your next move.

Belinda leaves no stone unturned. You will find all aspects of Downsizing covered by Belinda and expert contributors in a quest to answer all your questions and help you overcome the fear and challenges that so often present.

Belinda’s experience and qualifications in this niche property market position her as a leading authority in the field. She provides a highly researched account of the Downsizing process and illustrates her point by sharing many case studies. Her light-hearted and positive approach to Downsizing makes this book an easy and entertaining read. Belinda is also a keynote speaker of National Downsizing Masterclasses based on this book, Rightsize Your Home.

Belinda’s book is broken into five chapters to guide you through your Rightsizing process:

  • Ch 1: The Empty Nester’s Dilemma – Is It Time To Leave the Nest?
  • Ch 2: Setting the Flight Plan - How And Where To Fly
  • Ch 3: Rightsizing Made Easy – Getting Ready for Take-Off
  • Ch 4: The Pre-Sale Nest Makeover – Attracting the Flocks
  • Ch 5: Feathering the Nest – New Nesters’ Success Stories


Rightsize Your Home Resources

To-do lists, guides and example floor plan and decluttering and styling hours allocation

Rightsize Your Home Bonus Documents

Get free custom inspection and moving checklists plus a pre-market preparation calendar template

Rightsize Your Home Real Life Examples

Learn from case studies of empty nesters who embraced change and are now enjoying the 'Rightsize' lifestyle

Rightsize Your Home

John McGrath

CEO, McGrath Estate Agents

Moving at any time is likely to be a stressful activity. Especially when the move may require downsizing & sorting through many years of memories & collectables. So Belinda’s book is not only a great guide to anyone about to embark upon this move, but it’s a practical ‘How to’ manual that steps you through the practical issues. If you’re contemplating such a move soon, make it easy & read Belinda’s book first.